How to track shows on all streaming services at once (6 unique ways).

How to search and track all streaming services at once for awesome movies and web series (6 unique ways)

Nowadays, it's not like old time where we get to see new content every Friday whether it's in film theatres or on TV. Now, everyday something new came up on the internet. So sometimes we got confused what's good to watch and what to avoid and not waste our precious time. And especially with the rise of streaming services it's hard to track for good content. And sometimes, it even became difficult to find where a show is available to stream. 
So, to help solve these types of problems, is going to show you some methods that you can use to search all streaming services whether it's for a movie, web series, documentaries or TV series. So you don't have to go here and there to find some interesting content to watch.


Searching everytime on Google is basic that we are doing so far and it's very time consuming.

Using different apps and services may give you more content of your preferences. So, give a try.

Doing some of these tricks might not suite you on your phone but for TV (Android, Smart, Streaming box, etc.). It's going to be awesome.

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Here, some ways to how to search All Streaming Services at once for awesome movies and web series

1. Using Google Search
This one is one of the simplest way to the information related to your preferences whether it's a regional or international content. Like for example: here, I search for Avergers film (international) or Bahubali film (national and regional).
So from these two searches we get the most information like ratings, where available to stream and the price. This is good but sometime there are some other platforms where these are available for free to watch and streama and it's not listed so, to get the most of it we sometime try something else like other services dedicated to entertainment, films, web series, etc. And in this we are going to list every possible ways to track the content, films, web series for yourself to get the most of it.

2. Application based service.
Using apps like Justwatch, moviebase, tvtime, etc. is a Great choice for cinema, film, web series fans and lovers. In all these types of apps, Justwatch is one most popular and without ads app based service available on major platforms (Android, Android TV, etc.).

These apps let's you know :

What’s available on your favorite streaming services.

What's new, old and are going to expire in few days kind of details and information so that you can watch in before it goes.

They also provide trailers of these films, shows, etc.

These apps also shows the content with their trailers, synopsis, cast, Rotten Tomatoes ratings, and IMDB ratings.

They even provide price drops so you can buy that in best price because nowadays, steaming services also releasing originals, exclusive films directly on their platforms like wonder woman 84, drishyam 2, etc.

3. IMDB app
You can also use IMDB app to get all the films ratings and other things. From here you can also get different types of lists made by other fans according to their preferences. This app even has their own originals available free to stream online.

4. Using website based services
So if you don't like every other app on your phone then try website based services who do exactly the same like app based services like justwatch. Sometime they even provide more features and information. Website like Reelgood, justwatch, imdb, tmdb, letterbox, etc. Most of them are also have apps on major platforms.

5. Built-in recommendations
This is the last, so, if you don't like all above four options then you should opt. for this one as you have nothing to do it. Just visit your subscribed streaming platform and scroll to the recommendations section of the service. That's it.



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