How to securely and privately message, call anyone on internet (Best WhatsApp Alternatives Apps)

How to securely and privately chat, message, call anyone on internet. WhatsApp Alternatives privacy focused Apps You Can Use


Recently, Facebook changes the privacy policy of Whatsapp messenger application. and in the recent past, Facebook already tried to change privacy policy and integrate more with Facebook and it's policies. So, that they can show ads in WhatsApp application, share user's data to third-party organizations and companies. And we, most of us are all aware of Facebook's past activities. Because Facebook's CEO already said "The Future Is Private".

So, because of all these controversies, we need a messanger application like WhatsApp or even better with more feature rich, privacy focused, secure messengers. So, if you plan to leave WhatsApp after February 8 (last date to accept their terms and privacy policy) else, you will be forced to accept their new privacy policy after this date to use WhatsApp application. And if you choose not to, then you will have to lose your account and access to your WhatsApp application and services on smartphone, laptops or web.

Now, if you are really someone who wants to move on a more secure or personal messaging app, here is a list of the best WhatsApp alternative apps by, you can use in future or after February 8. Because now, we all know that "The Future Is Private". So here are some few of them with good reputation:

Important: (always read this section)

  • Numbering system in this list is random.
  • Read how to securely and privately chat, message, call anyone on internet.
  • Signal is one of the best simple messenger application like WhatsApp with improved security and privacy.
  • Telegram is one of the best dynamic with more features application right now.
  • For iOS user's, stick to iMessage. But want to try other. It's your choice.
  • Apple's Operating system user's can now check more deeply with their labeling and listing feature in the App store.
  • Every application is designed different and also works very different in both back and front end. So, every application takes a little time to understand their feature and how they work.

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How to securely chat, call, message anyone over/on the internet. There are few tricks you can use: they are the most possible and practical ways to connect to loved ones privately and securely on the internet legally.

1. Use VPN Services
Whenever anyone of you want privacy, use VPN Services to secure your network. This will give you a kind temporary anonymous Identity on the internet. Works better with where you got virtual user ID's on messenger platforms.

2. Try to use different messenger applications or less popular ones because making viral in 21st century is easy but having a good reputation and service is worth trying.

3. This is the hardest one as normal users cannot do this. So, use your own made/developed messenger. By this only you and your group user know about that.

4. There is one more left, the simplest one. Do regular calls and messages as it's free and cheap.

5. Try open source messenger application and services.

6. Use Tor browser and a website based messenger platform. If you do not even want a application in your phone.

7. Try using applications uses peer-to-peer Bluetooth mesh network or Wifi Direct-based network on your phone and allow you to send messages to your nearby friends.

8. Use of letters, speed posts and fast track delivery services because we all know now, that " The Future Is Private". It's a joke!

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How to securely and privately message, call anyone on internet (Best WhatsApp Alternatives Apps). Now here are some good messenger applications you all WhatsApp users can try: most of them are really good and even better with more features.

1. Telegram Messenger

Telegram Messenger has always giving tough competition to the WhatsApp. This open-source messaging app is still the best and sometimes better feature rich like creating public channels, groups with thousands of members, ability to share big files, self-destructing messages, end-to-end encryption in secret chat and there are lots more like Telegram Bots.

Telegram also has this feature that it supports multiple platforms at once and features like voice and videos calls are available now. Telegram also announced that they are going to introduce monetization for channels and businesses and for creators.

Available on: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, macOS, Linux, Web and others(if left) (Free)

2. Threema

Threema is one of the most secure messaging app out now as it does not ask you any personal details like phone number, etc. which should interest you if you are concerned about your security and privacy on WhatsApp. The app encrypts all the data going in and out and also app does not collect metadata and offers various encrypted backup options.

You should check their "about the app" section on your app store (Apple app store or Google Play Store or others).Threema is a paid app but if security and privacy is important to you then it surely worth your money.

(this is what they said in their " about the app" section and there are more thats minimized here by us.) we wrote about this as this application is one and only paid app in this list.

1. Privacy And Anonymity
2. Highest Encryption Strength
3. Comprehensive Features

• text and voice messages
• voice and video calls
• Share videos, pictures and locations
• Send any type of file
• Use Threema Web on Desktop
• Create groups, polls.
• dark and a light theme
• Quickly and silently reply with the unique agree/disagree feature (I mean, what the heaven on earth, it's awesome)
• Verify the identity by scanning personal QR code
• Threema as anonymous instant messaging tool
• Synchronize your contacts (it's optional)

4. Servers In Switzerland
5. Full Anonymity
6. Open Source And Audits
7. NO Ads, NO Trackers

Available on: Android, iOS, Web ($2.99)

3. Signal Private Messenger

There moto and goal is one thing and that is "privacy". They even said in their "about the app" section "say hello to privacy".
Intresting thing about signal is there end-to-end encryption technology in WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook Messenger by signal protocols. This open-source Signal app offers features like self-destructing messages, screen security, password and pin lock, encryption to every data in the app and many more.

Available on: Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, macOS (Free)

4. Apple iMessage and FaceTime (both)

This is included only for the iOS user's as it's best for day to day message, chatting, video calling, etc. But there is a drawback of this is the icloud backups. This application is also like other application with all features but only and only for iOS users.

Available on: Apple platform only.

5. Wire

Nowadays, this app is also getting popularity because of its beautiful interface and unique features. It's open-source and also brings end-to-end encryption to everything inside the app, supports multiple devices at once. This application have all the necessary features that every messenger application might have now. This application works similarly like signal app.

Available on: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, Web (Free)

6. Bridgefy (works offline)

Did you ever tried a application which create a peer-to-peer Bluetooth mesh network or Wifi Direct-based network on your phone and allow you to send messages to your nearby friends. If not, then try bridgefy. These apps are very useful in various special situations
Like music concerts and festivals, sports events, natural disasters, and others where you won’t be getting reliable mobile network service. as it does not need any cellular network or internet to work.

Insted, they create a unique peer-to-peer Bluetooth network or Wifi Direct-based network on your phone and allow you to send messages to your nearby friends.For now, Bridgefy offers three main types of messaging service; Person-to-Person mode, Broadcast mode, and Mesh mode.In this application, you can send messages, broadcast them and even use other users as nodes to send messages to long distances.

Available on: Android, iOS (free)

7. Other notable mentions

All these application and services have end to end encryption. There are some other worth trying applications for messaging, voice calling and video calling like:

Discord (mainly for gamers but anyone can use this service): It has all the necessary features like other messengers.

Viber: It has all the necessary features like other messengers. It's available from a very long time.

Snapchat (it's more of a social media app but still used as messenger):  It has all the necessary features like other messengers. It's more like Telegram application in terms of feature.

LINE: it's very popular in it's initial days because of its features like app lets you make international calls to non-LINE user's. but now it feels more bloated.

Kik messenger :  It has all the necessary features like other messengers. Plus this application is email id based service.

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There are a ton of other messaging apps that are pretty decent and some are good like wickr me, dust, hike, etc. However, if you are looking for an app to replace WhatsApp completely then try signal and Telegram. If you are serious about your privacy and security then you should consider trying and using some of them in your day to day life.

So this is the end of this article by us for now. But we will continue to write more on these topics. In the next, we will try to show some best video calling application and services. So, stay tuned!

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