How to hide likes count on Instagram (step by step guide)

How to hide likes count on Instagram (step by step guide)

How to hide likes count on Instagram (step by step guide)

Recently Facebook provided a feature to its Facebook and Instagram application called "hide likes" but it's in beta version but now it's released to all user's around the world. So, now anyone can hide their likes count display to hidden in their Facebook and Instagram posts/pictures.

So, today let dive into the guide on how to hide the likes count. It's a very essential feature for so many users. Instagram and Facebook will give the option to users to decide. There are two options in this feature: to either hide like counts on their own posts and have a global setting to hide like counts on all posts in the feed. And from next week, they add this feature to choose from while uploading or posting anything on Instagram and Facebook.


By this feature, users do not have to worry about negative thoughts and views.

By this, only you can check your post-performance.

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So let's start step by step guide on How to hide likes count on Instagram. By enabling this feature, Instagram will not show the exact number of likes on the posts you see in your feed.

How to Hide Likes for All Posts on Instagram
Step 1: Navigate to your profile and tap on the hamburger menu at the top right. 
Step 2. Now, tap on “Settings” at the bottom.
Step 3. Now, navigate to “Privacy” option.
Step 4. Tap on “Posts” option.
Step 5. Now, enable the toggle called “Hide Like and View Counts”.

From this, you will no longer see like counts on posts from other users in your feed.
Just enabling only this next feature, you can still see the number of likes on posts in home/feed section. But enabling this, other users will not be able to see the exact number of likes on your posts.

How to Hide Likes on Photos You Post to Instagram
Step 1. Choose the photo that you want to share and now tap on “Advanced Settings” or three dots on the post.
Step 2. Now, Here, you can enable the “Hide Like and View Counts on This Post” before sharing the post.

Now, from this other users will not be able to view the number of likes in your photo/videos.
Now, you can even hide likes on existing Instagram posts.
If you want to hide the number of likes on a photo/ video you have already posted on Instagram, follow these steps.

Step 1. Open the post first that you want to hide like counts.
Step 2. Tap on the three-dot menu icon next. (top right). 
Step 3. Now, tap on “Hide Like Count” option. 

After doing this, people can no longer view the exact number of likes on your post for because you changed the setting for that post.

So, this is how anyone can hide their instagram likes whether it's in your feed or your photos on other users feed. For awesome tips and tricks content do follow

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