How to Turn On/Off Disappearing Messages Feature on WhatsApp.

How to Turn On/Off Disappearing Messages Feature on WhatsApp.


WhatsApp announced a new feature in their WhatsApp application but it's now in beta stage. So, it will take maximum one month to roll out to all users. But those who are using beta version they should know the features, the good and bad things about the feature and how to turn it on /off on their smartphone. This feature is already available in other messaging apps such as Telegram and Snapchat from quite a few time. Now WhatsApp Messenger is testing it in and from beta version but I got it in version

What is disappearing messages and what the feature can do?

In this feature, Once you enabled this, your messages in WhatsApp Messenger app will self-destruct or self-delete from the chats in seven days. So, all your messages in that particular chat will remain in the chat for seven days and after that time period it will automatically get deleted.
The good and the bad things about this feature. 

There is a long seven days time period to self destruct. There should be a option to choose the time period.

There is no option in this feature of momentarily deletion of messages like 
Snapchat or Telegram. 

This seven day time period still give users to take screenshots or save/backup them elsewhere.

According to some leaks, the feature will offer more granular controls over the coming months and its a good thing.

Now here are the step by step guide for you that you need to follow to turn on or off the disappearing messages feature in WhatsApp.

Note: I tested the disappearing messages feature on WhatsApp version # running Android 10. So, some of you might get late on your device.

1. Open WhatsApp application and choose your conversation chat for which you want the messages to disappear after 7 days.

2. After that tap on the contact’s profile picture and after that tap on the (i) button.

3. After that, a new page will open, scroll down to see a new ‘Disappearing messages’ option.

4. Tap on Disappearing messages. now, here, you can choose to turn it on and off.

5. Now, select ‘On’ if you want the messages to disappear automatically in seven days.

6. Once enabled, both you and the recipient will see a “You turned on disappearing messages” notification in the chat window and also in the profile picture as timer icon.

Important :

This feature is not only restricted to individual chats in WhatsApp Messenger. You can also enable it for group chats, and the procedure is same but you need to be the admin if that particular group to turn on the feature.

We suggest you, use this disappearing messages feature only with trusted individuals as anyone could save your messages, screenshot them, backup them even after the disappearing messages feature is enabled. So, we write this (How To) article because we feel it's a good feature you all should know and it's also already available in many other messengers like Telegram, Snapchat, etc. will try to write more articles on How To category. So stay tuned!

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