WhatsApp VS Signal : why we should switch to signal messenger.

WhatsApp VS Signal : why we should switch to signal messenger.

WhatsApp VS Signal: why we should switch to Signal messenger.

Currently, still WhatsApp is the largest messaging service in the world. Now you may think that, People are already switched to different messengers like Signal, Telegram, Etc. But there is a fact that some of them are still using WhatsApp side by side other apps because some of their family members, friends or following some education groups. According to a survey, In India, people have downloaded And using all messaging apps like Signal, Telegram, and WhatsApp at the same time with according to their needs. Now here, in this article, we bring you a detailed comparison between WhatsApp and Signal.

Important: (everyone must read this section)

Due to changes in the policy of WhatsApp Messenger, people are very concerned about their privacy and confused about switching to other applications, that's why we are comparing the very strong contender: Signal messenger.

1.Signal is the best if you want a privacy-focused messenger.

2.WhatsApp is day by day degrading its service by integrating with Facebook services.

3.Telegram is not in this comparison because it's a lot more than just a messenger app and it's not simple like Signal.

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In this article, we rigorously analyze all the features, easy to use, security, etc. So let's start. We will discuss all the things that you get and lose by choosing one of these messengers over the others, so you can make a wise choice about which app you want to use.

1. Easy to Use

Nowadays, apps becoming so complicated that a person with no knowledge of technology may get confused how to actually use the app and features and get full out of it. So, in this section, I want to take you all to back to 2010 where even WhatsApp is so simple to use comparing to today's version of the app. So if you really want to switch to different messenger. It's best time. Because nobody knows what's WhatsApp plans for future and will they change the privacy policy again in future.

So by comparing side by side both the messengers. Signal is very minimal and clean like what's WhatsApp is in 2010. Signal is having just one home tab and one clean settings page. This time, with the advancement of technology, with more security and privacy feature that we will compare later.

2. Security

Security the most debatable topic around the world of technology because of the increase in Quantum and AI computing. So let's see what firm of security both messengers are using.

WhatsApp and Signal uses the same end to end encryption (E2E) protocol developed by Open Whisper Systems, which is behind Signal messenger. Signal protocol which is open source, widely peer-reviewed. Signal protocol is considered one of the best E2E protocols for implementing end-to-end encryption in messaging platforms. It's a plus point for Signal.

WhatsApp does not encrypt backups (cloud and local) and anyone can retrieve the data from that backup files. Also, it does not encrypt the metadata (works on the back end). And for to be messaging platform, metadata is very big thing. One more recent problem is group chats getting indexed on Google search (it's fixed now).
On the other hand, Signal goes a little deep and encrypts the metadata too. So, ultimately, Signal is one step ahead here too.

3. Privacy

Privacy is another important things that everyone wants in their life. And on online world, it is very crucial thing. Because a single mistake can make anybody's life upside down. That's why people are very touchy and concerned about their privacy. So, when whatsapp announced a privacy policy update which brings facebook integration. It simply means "your future is private". And because of this, European Countries have a special law regarding collection of user's data. Law : Companies have to give it's user's the opt out option regarding data collection.
So, In order to protect user privacy further more deeply. Signal developed a new way to communicate between the sender and the recipient and it’s called Sealed Sender. With this Sealed Sender "On" , no one will be able to know — not even Signal — who is messaging. So now you know "who is more private".

4. Features
Feature make any application more useful and in terms of messenger apps it's very helpful. There are so many other features which still not present in any messenger apps which we will talk later. Now let's look at available features in both apps and compare them.

WhatsApp offers almost every feature you might need. You can also broadcast messages to multiple contacts at the same time.There’s also support for voice and video calls, both for individual users and groups.One more features which is not available on Signal as of now called "WhatsApp Status" (also called Stories). 

While Signal beats WhatsApp easily when it comes to security, it falls on the features. All the necessary features are available. Even Signal suggest stickers according to the words. But Signal falls because of some missing features like broadcast messages, reply to quoted messages, status (stories), etc. Maybe in future they bring these feature to Signal messenger.
WhatsApp also falls if it comes to features like WhatsApp do not have the ability to send a one-time viewable image, “Note to Self”, server based voice calls (VPN calls), built-in option to hide your IP address, incognito keyboard while typing on Signal, delete old messages in one stroke, and blur faces and private information from images using its built-in photo editor. 

So at last, if you really want a feature rich privacy focused messenger then it should be Signal messenger.

5. Ownership

We all know who owns which messenger platform but still let's talk. WhatsApp is owned by facebook and Signal by Signal foundation which is non - profit company.
Ownership is important because it allows us to understand how companies will monetize user data in near future. Now the same future came already fir some like WhatsApp and they are changing their privacy policy and by that WhatsApp will now share data with facebook family of apps for better ad targetting. And that's not all, there have been multiple allegations that WhatsApp is breaking encryption and creating backdoors for government agencies, reports about ads, WhatsApp doesn’t encrypt Metadata so Facebook can use that to track your behavior because of new policy. And how we can forget "Cambridge Analytica scandal"

Whereas Signal is owned by the nonprofit Signal Foundation which is run by cryptographer Moxie Marlinspike and Brian Acton. Moxie Marlinspike used to run Open Whisper Systems — the brainchild behind the Signal protocol. Edward Snowden, the American whistleblower; Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, and others endorse Signal. Signal also received top scores on EFF. Signal is run by donations and grants, in case you’re wondering how it makes money.

Conclusion / Our Opinion

It's clear and cut, that if you want privacy focused messenger then you should switch to Signal as soon as possible. 
And if you want more features even than WhatsApp, then switch to Telegram Messenger. But you have to compromise a little bit in terms of security features. Telegram is also open source.

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