Best paid games available for iOS and Android (worth purchasing). Part-2

Best paid games available for iOS and Android (worth purchasing). Part-2

This is the continuation of the first article called "Best paid games available for iOS and Android (worth purchasing).
". And still you thinking should I invest in a paid game then we will say without any doubt that, you should try once. Because you don't know what you all are missing. Paid games are mostly bug free, fully licensed game. Some games are even mind relaxing.

These games does not require big RAM and Graphics. They are very battery efficient. Anyone can play these on their tablet, ipad, and phones. We all have witnessed that how messy Play store is. I mean you can not find any paid games which is worth purchasing. So, sometimes we lose our interest in those hidden best paid games. But not now. From now on, we regularly update the paid games section on So you know what to do, keep visiting.

Now let's start the list but first let's read a very important section. 

Important : (must read section)

1. Paid games are three types :fully paid (online/offline), In-game (online/offline), one with both (fully paid license but have extra in-game purchase).

2. Today's recommended games are of fully paid (full license) and some in game purchase.

3. Most of them are offline means download just once and play ( no internet is required after installation).

4. Most of them are available on both platforms (Android And iOS).

5. Game downloads may little bit low because it's paid compared to free games. But don't worry about the quality of the game. These are one of the best games.

6. You can even play these on different other platforms like Tablets, ipads, Windows, etc.

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Now let's start the show : Best paid games available for iOS and Android (worth purchasing).

1. Freeze 2
It's a sequel to the freeze. It's one of the best Black and white game.
Availability: Android, iOS

2. Feed me oil 2
Channel oil into the gaping jaws of surreal living worlds in Feed Me Oil 2, it's sequel to Feed Me Oil.
Availability: Android, iOS

3. World of goo
This is an award winning game. Recommended by us to play once.
Availability: Android, iOS

4. Lara croft Go
This is also a turn-based puzzle-adventure game like Hitman Go.
Availability: Android, iOS

5. Monument valley 2
It's second release by same game developers after Monument Valley. In this, we have to guide a mother and her child through their journey in a very unique and magical architecture.
Availability: Android, iOS

6. Sprinkle island
It's mostly for kids. This game is like Where's my water with some difference.
Availability: Android, iOS

7. Hitman go
This is not a shooting game instead a strategy-based Hitman game. Hitman GO is a turn-based puzzle game.
Availability: Android, iOS

8. Aquavius water flow
Solve the different puzzles by making the water flow from its origin to cities and buildings. This game is mostly suitable for kids.
Availability: Android, iOS

9. Deus ex go
It's a turn-based logic puzzles game and we have to solve a futuristic mystery in Deus Ex GO.
Availability: Android, iOS

10. Does not commute
This is a very unique award-winning driving game with a twist. It's free but we have to purchase get all features.
Availability: Android, iOS

11. Framed 2
So this is not a sequel to the story but follow the character hideo and it's before the events happened in framed. FRAMED 2 is same noir puzzle type game where you re-arrange panels of an animated comic book to change the outcome of the story. So, if you liked the FRAMED then, surely you will like this one.
Availability: Android, iOS

12. Monopoly
The classic board game we always wanted is available on mobile and tablets and playable both offline and online.
Availability: Android, iOS

13. Earn to die
The game based on zombie apocalypse. It's an adventure game where we have to smash those zombies.
Availability: Android, iOS

14. Hook
Hook is a minimal, relaxing puzzle game. That's it.
Availability: Android, iOS

15. Lumino city
The award-winning adventure puzzle game.
Availability: Android, iOS


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