Best paid games available for iOS and Android (worth purchasing).

Best paid games available for iOS and Android (worth purchasing).

This article is very unique because nowadays, very few were writing about them. So, in this article we are going to show you some awesome paid games that are worth purchasing. These games are very intresting and have very unique concepts and we are definitely sure that you will love playing these games.

Now, we know if we really want to purchase any game which is full purchase and not just the in-game purchase. It's little hard to find such paid games. So, we, found some best paid games but the list too long so we will write them in different parts, otherwise it will be very long. So, these are best recommendation if you want play a paid game which will worth money. So let's start.

Important : (must read section)

*This is most important: we have not explained fully any game, how they work? And the reason for that is we want you to enjoy playing the game yourself because you have invested your money in these games.*

1. Paid games are three types :fully paid (online/offline), In-game (online/offline), one with both (fully paid license but have extra in-game purchase).

2. Today's recommended games are of fully paid (full license) games.

3. Most of them are offline means download just once and play ( no internet is required after installation).

4. Most of them are available on both platforms (Android And iOS).

5. Game downloads may little bit low because it's paid compared to free games. But don't worry about the quality of the game. These are one of the best games.

6. These games are best for mind relaxing.

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Now let's start the show : Best paid games available for iOS and Android (worth purchasing).

1. Framed
An award winning noir-puzzle game where you re-arrange panels of a comic book. It's one of the unique ideas about 'how we play'. It's a fantastic story based puzzle game. It's surely worth purchasing.
Availability: Android, iOS

2. Hitman sniper
Now, this one a actually a very good shooting game which is also offline. It's the best sniper shooting game on mobile.
Availability: Android, iOS

3. Prune
It's a game about the beauty and joy of cultivation. Cultivate according to your choice and meet the level requirements to go to next level. It's one of the best mind relaxing game. And if you like the scene, create a wallpaper for your device.
Availability: Android, iOS

4. Monument valley
It's an illusory adventure game of impossible architecture builts. In this game, you have to manipulate the architecture and guide the silent princess through the journey of her.
Availability: Android, iOS

5. Space Marshalls
A Sci-fi adventure game in outer space. This is a tactical top-down shooter in which we have to hunt for dangerous fugitives after a prison break.
Availability: Android, iOS

6. Let's create pottery
A brilliant time-waster game means fully mind relaxing game where we have to create potters of our choice. That's it. There are feature like decoration, moulding, shaping, etc. And even, we can save a wallpaper.
Availability: Android, iOS

7. Gta San Andreas
Rockstar Games released its biggest game to mobile platforms. And now, there are lot of other game titles also released. But San Andreas has so many features compared to it's price.
Availability: Android, iOS

8. Dark echo
In this game, we have to use visualized sound to explore and try to survive the level of the game. It's one of the best minimalistic game.
Availability: Android, iOS

9. Ticket to earth
This game is based on tactics, puzzle & story-driven RPG. It's full of mix of puzzles.
Availability: Android, iOS

10. Oxenfree
It's a supernatural thriller game about some friends who mistakenly opens another world. It's based on 1980s teenage horror film's styles.
Availability: Android, iOS

11. Very little nightmares
If you like escape room puzzle game, then it's the best paid one out on mobile platforms. Maybe there are more best than this and maybe free. So if those games were better, we will mention in our separate article.
Availability: Android, iOS

12. Where's my water
It's a challenging physics-based puzzle game in which we have to cut through dirt to guide fresh water, dirty water, toxic water, etc.
Availability: Android, iOS

13. Leo's fortune
Leo’s Fortune is a platform adventure game where we have to hunt down the mysterious thief that stole the gold. 
Availability: Android, iOS

14. Vector 2 premium
This is a runner game set in a dystopian world. Try vector for game experience.
Availability: Android, iOS

15. Evo explores
The game design is similar to the monument valley game. So, if you like that game. You will love this one too.
Availability: Android, iOS

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